We are looking for members to join our chapter and become ambassadors of The Salvation Army. Community leaders, executives, and a number of influential people work closely with the Salvation Army and Echelon on a regular basis, so Echelon provides opportunities to build powerful and lasting relationships, while making a positive impact in our community. 

Membership is open year-round and is renewed annually. Dues are $50 for individual and $75 for a couple. Click Here to Join



Membership Benefits Include: 

 Join Echelon SF and take part in bettering your community. As a member of Echelon SF, you will gain access to: 

  - Service opportunities to engage with and improve our community 
  - Build relationships with like-minded professionals
  - Exclusive invitations to The Salvation Army networking events
  - Early access to discounted tickets for our Echelon SF social events

Why Join Echelon? 

“Looking forward to getting involved in my community. I have done a couple of volunteer events over the years, but I really want to a single cause to focus on and volunteer with regularly.”

“Meeting new people while helping Echelon SF expand and grow to it’s full potential!”

Exposure to a variety of events, opportunities to volunteer, meet other young professionals, and network.”

“Ultimately, I hope to not only FEEL like I've made a difference, but actually, make a difference for the better”